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Acetic acid, sodium salt trihydrate

[ English Name ] Acetic acid, sodium salt trihydrate
[ English Alias ] Acetic acid,sodium salt trihydrate; Sodium acetate trihydate; Sodium Acetate, Trihydrate; Sodium acetate trihydrate
[ CAS NO. ] 6131-90-4
[ Structural formula ] C2H3NaO2·3(H2O)
[ Molecular formula ] 136.08
[ Property ]

Properties: colorless or white crystals
Relative density : 1.528g / cm³
Melting point: 58-60 ° C
Water-soluble: 762 g / L (20 °C), soluble in water and ether, slightly soluble in ethanol

[ EINECS No. ] 204-814-9
[ Use ] For dyeing, pharmaceutical, photography, electroplating, also used as esterifying agent, preservative. Suitable for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, dyes and photographic agents, etc., but also one of the main raw material manufacturing of sodium diacetate.


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